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    Consulting and technical support
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Services Projects management

Everyone is now looking for quick and powerful performance, so we give it seriously

Consulting and technical support

  • Design concepts for solutions
  • Designing and equipping the infrastructure of industrial projects by specialized experts
  • Supply of new and used machines.
  • Integrate new equipment into your production line.
  • Market planning, use and store of raw materials and final products.
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Contracting insurance

  • -Experts in the study and examination of contracts and assays for contracting works and the study of business assays and their application to Table 8 of the previous and subsequent ministerial decisions
  • Experts in the research and work of objections and exemptions submitted to the Technical Committee for Contracting as well as the Committee for the settlement of disputes on the decisions of the previous committee.
  • Studying and reviewing contracting contracts and measurements in a way that suits the government interests and does not contradict the interests of companies.
  • Directing and organizing staff during work, preparing task lists and setting goals for work.
  • Study and research contracts with companies and manpower authorities
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solar energy

  • Under implementation
  • soon
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